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“Olive Tree Holdings is one of the most unique work environments that I have experienced."
When I began at the company, everyone was eager to get to know me, integrate me into the business, and encourage my professional growth along the way. This company is truly driven by a people-first mission – ranging all the way from the way we value our residents and staff to how the corporate employees treat each other.
Julie Surago, Vice President
Based in New York, New York
“There is a true sense of family among the team at Olive Tree Holdings.”
When companies have a defined set of core values, it is not always clear if the culture truly aligns with those values. When I joined Olive Tree Holdings in June of 2019, I knew right away that there was no question of cultural alignment. I have never worked for an employer who is as focused on taking care of their employees as though they were family. Aligning with our core value of TEAM PLAYER, everyone is willing to work together at a moment’s notice. Like a family, we rally together in difficult times to achieve our goals, transforming the communities and residents we serve.
Clay Boyer, Chief Construction Officer
Based in Atlanta, Georgia
Our Programs
Through our core values, we empower our employees to grow personally and professionally, ensuring they are inspired, supported, and equipped to make a profound impact on our communities.
  • Summer Analyst Program: Our ten-week summer program offers aspiring young professionals a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in Olive Tree Holdings' vibrant culture. Interns work closely with specialized mentors, collaborate across teams, and join corporate networking events, fostering their growth and gaining insights into all aspects of our operations.
  • Professional Development Programming: Olive Tree Holdings champions professional growth by providing financial support for conferences, certifications, and memberships, including tuition reimbursement. We prioritize fostering a safe and inclusive work environment through comprehensive training on subjects like microaggressions, unconscious bias, and workplace conduct.
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    Radical Candor
    Radical Candor
    People First
    We create an inclusive environment, celebrating everyone and their entire self
    Radical Candor
    Radical Candor
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